A Slight Course Alteration

When we launched PlaySF earlier this year it’s fair to say that we didn’t put much thought into the website side of things. Part of the reason was that, being rather stuck in our magazine ways, we naively believed we didn’t need to bother with all that stuff. In addition, sci-fi games were already well represented with Space Sim CentralSpace Sector and Space Game Junkie doing a fantastic job of keeping people updated. However, we quickly realised that not only was v1.0 of PlaySciFi.com woefully adequate, it was dreadfully dull and a little presumptuous, with pretty much every static page insisting you buy or subscribe to something without offering much of a chance to sample what was on offer. We’ve since realised we needed to come up with something that quietly reflects what the magazine is about without ramming it down throats. In short, something like a blog – which is what PlaySciFi.com is in the process of becoming.

What you can expect from us are a whole bunch of little things; daily doses of news and views on space sims, strategy games, sci-fi shooters and anything else that can vaguely be labelled SF (and some things that probably can’t), while the magazine will continue to offer up the main reviews and features on a near-bimonthly basis. There will undoubtedly be some crossover between the site and the mag, but the inspiration here, utterly and unashamedly, comes by way of the marvellous Rock Paper Shotgun, a site I’ve been visiting almost hourly for the better part of the last decade, with essence of A Talent For War thrown in, a site that’s long been inactive, that I visited for the better part of the decade previous. The plan, such as it is, is to offer a couple of stories per day and just take things from there.


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