Out There: Pioneer Alpha 22

Something I totally missed last week was the release of the latest Pioneer alpha, it being a free space sim that offers a “sneaking resemblance to Frontier: Elite 2”. It’s an easy game to lose track of, for the simple reason that the game fundamentals have been so solid for so long (since 1993 in fact) that you almost don’t want to update it lest the universe you’ve been shooting around in collapses around you. Alpha 14 was the last version that I played, Alpha 8 or 9 before that. Incredibly the team are up on Alpha 22, which begs the question, how many alphas does it take to reach beta? (Considerably less than 100 I hope.)

Because I’m some way behind developments I won’t pretend to know what’s been updated and what’s new. Instead I shall lazily point you in the direction of the game forums (hosted at Space Sim Central) and run some VT from¬†someone brave space adventurer who’s clearly gotten further into the game than I have. Enjoy.


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