EVE Players Go Up, Up And Away

Last week I went into space. Well, not me exactly – I would have mentioned it before today otherwise. Rather my EVE Online character did. To be more precise, his name, along with the those of every active character in CCP’s ever-expanding online universe, was copied over to a memory stick, strung under a high altitude weather balloon and lifted up to the edge of oblivion. Quite cool, no?

While the Skyward Sphere space program could be seen as a pointless and expensive PR stunt, it was the culmination of a promise made by CCP Games last year to show a bit more love to the playerbase in the wake of the Crucible expansion. It was cheaply done as well, with students from Reykjavik University handling all the science, the Icelandic Coastguard providing the logistics as part of their scheduled exercises and some sponsorship money from a couple of comms companies to help cover the cost of materials (which are prohibitively expensive in country that itself looks like it’s from another world.)

Here are the highlights. I like to think my characters had good seats.


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