Rebellion Beta: Factions Unleashed

There’s not long to go now until Rebellion, the first proper (standalone) expansion to Sins of Solar Empire, is finally released on June 12th. Currently the latest addition to the 4X/RTS hybrid is enjoying a beta phase that early adopters – myself among them – have been enjoying for a good few weeks now, but a recent update has me hoping the game will be transformed from what increasingly felt like a remastered version of Trinity into the semi-sequel I and many others were hoping for.

A key feature of the Beta 3 update opens up the rebel factions to be playable for the first time, adding some much-needed distinction between the newly splintered races to go with the massive titan ships and graphical updates that bulk up the feature list. Stardock and Ironclad have also released a new video explaining why so much ceding has been going on, although with no campaign storyline to back it up, it seems a hollow gesture.

Still, the video is pretty and the update is more than welcome, between them more than enough to have me wanting to dive back into the game as soon as possible. Even if the final release ends up a remastered version of Trinity with a few special features thrown in, it should still be one of the best strategy experiences of the 21st Century.


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