This Mission Is Too Important

We don’t just cover sci-fi games around here, oh no. We look at the sci-non-fi ones as well. Due in just three weeks for iOS is the attractive looking Astronaut: Space Sim, (aka Astronaut Simulator) a title that suggests alien invasion takes a distant back seat to orbital survival and systems maintenance in the budget-strapped here-and-now of space exploration.

Zipping about the inky-black beyond via a Manned Manoeuvering Unit (MMU), fixing satellites so the world can watch Euro 2012 and making sure your air doesn’t run out would appear to make up the bulk of a reported 20 missions, although we can’t help but hope for some 2001-inspired action that has you attempting to avoid the clutches of a rogue computer-controlled pod that’s trying to cut your air supply. Then again it wouldn’t be much of a simulation if that were the case, so perhaps I should shut up.

The game is probably going to come in too late to make it into the reviews list of the next issue of PlaySF, but you can be sure that we’ll be trying it out when eventually it does launch. Given the need for precise movements it’ll be interesting to see how the game plays on a busy commute into London.

Update: We’re told a precise title for the game is still being decided upon, but that it won’t be Astronaut: Space Sim or Astronaut Simulator. An announcement will be made on that soon.


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