Dust 514 Accepting Beta Registrations

CCP’s forthcoming free-to-play online FPS, Dust 514, has been generating a lot of interest – not least because eventually it will integrate fully with massive single-shard space MMO Eve Online. After revealing exiting new details at the Eve Fanfest earlier this year, CCP has today announced that open beta registrations have gone live!

More details on Dust 514 are due to land at E3 later this year, but according to CCP’s press release, the beta will ‘continue to expand throughout the summer’, so there’s plenty of time to get in there and give it a try.

As an Eve player myself, I’m very keen to see how this affects the Eve universe, and you’d better be sure I’m signed up to see exactly how all this plays out – for good or bad. Given the sea change at CCP headquarters after last year’s ‘Summer of Rage’ (which saw Eve players protesting at the perceived future direction of Eve), it’ll be interesting to see if CCP have improved their approach to micro-transactions, or if we’ll end up with another Monoclegate.

PlaySF will be watching closely. See you in the beta!


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