Orbiting A World Near You


Big, but not empty. The question of whether we are alone in the universe has finally been answered – the Generation Ship ‘Play Sci-Fi’ has arrived in orbit, brimming with information from the darkest corners of the void.

All cheesy clichés aside, we’re kickstarting a whole new blog filled with all things sci, fi and not-so-fi! Rejoice! Send us beer and bright green dancing girls! As the Spock to Richie’s Shatner, I’ll be bringing you gaming news and other fantastic treats both in the mag and here on the blog. I’m growing the ears for it right now.

2012 is looking like a great year for sci-fi and there’s going to be plenty to keep you coming back. If you see a sci-fi or space story, gaming or otherwise, that you think we might like, get in touch via Twitter (@PlaySciFi and/or @century_rain) and we’ll scan it down!

I’ll leave you with something for all the budding Adam Jensen’s out there – seems implanted gadgets are closer than you imagined! Time to start saving for a bionic sword-arm you think?


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