Eve: Countdown To Inferno

Inferno, the summer expansion for single-shard space MMO Eve Online lands at our space docks on May 22nd promising only one thing: WAR.

The features list for Inferno should be a big shake up for the capsuleers of New Eden. Factional Warfare, a permanent PVP-based war between Eve’s four main player factions is receiving a sorely needed revamp. The War Declaration system, which allows combat between corporations in normally safe space will also be changing, with wars becoming more expensive and harder to avoid. There will also be a ‘Mercenary Market’ where you can hire the services of more murder-inclined Eve players, if you don’t fancy getting into the thick of it yourself.

Chuck in some sexy redesigned Stealth Bomber hulls, new modules, better looking shaders for existing ships, UI upgrades, cool new missile weapon effects and plenty of balancing to round off some of Eve’s jaggier edges and we’re looking at a pretty beefy expansion – a welcome change to the fairly limp efforts that led up to the Summer of Rage.

What do you think – will you be resubbing for Inferno, or was Incarna just one Monocle too far? Maybe this cheeky ‘in development’ video will help you decide.


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