Kickstarter – Kinetic Void

Kickstarter projects are popping up all over the place at the moment, as you’ve no doubt noticed, and our beloved space genre is not one to be left behind in the mad rush for funding. Kinetic Void purports to be quite the package – a 3D sandbox space adventure with a hefty physics engine and oodles of customisation.

By far the most interesting thing about Kinetic Void is the Shipyard, which will allow you to construct and customise your entire ship by dragging and dropping various modules into place – something often seen on a much smaller scale in 4x strategy titles, rather than 3D space-combat games – and an alpha-quality demo can already be downloaded from the Kickstarter site.

Kinetic Void certainly looks the business, and the soundtrack is to be scored by Artem Bank, also responsible for the excellent Star Ruler soundtrack. The developers are aiming for a relatively modest $60,000, although with only twelve days left and just over $16,000 pledged, there’s still some distance before they’re home free.

Whether to pledge or not is down to you; we here at PlaySF do not endorse any particular project, Kickstarter or otherwise. But whether you do or don’t, it’s good to know that our beloved genre isn’t being forgotten amid this wave of crowd-funded frenzy. Who needs publishers anyway, right?


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