Starvoid – Red Droid Redemption

It’s fair to say that Diablo III has been hogging most of the gaming limelight this week, which makes me feel a little sad for the unloved and barely discussed runt of the Blizzard game litter, Starcraft II. As I understood it the first add-on for the RTS zergling, Heart of the Swarm, was supposed to be released this year, but it seems to be buried in the schedules as “TBA”. If that’s indeed the case, perhaps the space western RTS Starvoid from Paradox (previously touted as Red Frontier), can steal a few rays.

Whereas Starcraft is of course a glossy high-budget affair, Starvoid seems like it will offer a much leaner experience, focused almost entirely on multiplayer matches with the player in direct control of a commander unit, with a mission to hoard as much space fuel as possible by building, directing and managing an army of robots across maps fought over by up to 12 players. The twist here is that players will be able to duck in and out of the matches without suffering any ill effects. Why yes, it does sound like a system ripe for abuse, but no doubt the devs have already put a counter in their designs to put all our fears to rest.

In a just-released video, here’s the producer from Zeal Game Studios, Ylva Sundström, revealing a little about the backstory to the game and a few choice gameplay details:


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