This Could End Like Tears In Rain

Reports that a new Blade Runner movie will be a direct sequel to the 1982 tech noir classic has me feeling a little concerned. With director Ridley Scott teaming up with the veteran writer Hampton Fancher (who penned the original script) perhaps my fears will be unfounded. After all, Prometheus, another sci-fi revisitation for the acclaimed filmmaker, looks like it may blow away any concerns about Alien’s legacy being destroyed right outta the goddamn airlock.

It isn’t the fact it’s been 30 years between movies that bothers me, it’s that Blade Runner was just so well-rounded; so well suited to existing as a singular, almost perfect, piece of sci-fi cinema. I would argue that it’s as timeless as anything else in the genre (which perhaps isn’t saying much), making it a legacy worth protecting.

Blade Runner dealt with the big questions that we ask ourselves whether we’re 12 (as I was when I first saw the film), or 42 (oh bloody hell), and left viewers as all good sci-fi should; with shards of answers to put together into something plausibly coherent. In comparison, movie predecessor Alien was just a horror movie (and AvP just horrific). Aliens was just an action movie. Brilliant though they both were, the sequels were warranted, necessary and, for a while, pretty good. Though perhaps they would have been better had Scott had a hand in them.

I’m curious where they could take Blade Runner 2 in terms of setting and story. Perhaps a barely concealed retelling with Robert Pattinson as Deckard Jr and Edward James Olmos promoted to Bryant. Or perhaps we’ll see the stirrings of a resistance movement, a la Terminator Salvation. My choice, and I offer this with some sincerity, is a sci-fi take of another early ’80s award winner, On Golden Pond, with a senior Harrison Ford and Sean Young living out their final days in the woods before it goes all Children Of Men and a replicant child has to be delivered to Zion by Keanu Reeves.

You read it here first.

One final thing. Ridley me this: Why hasn’t this game been re-released?


2 responses to “This Could End Like Tears In Rain

  1. The thing about Blade Runner is that it doesn’t really show it’s age (except for the lack of CGI, not a bad thing IMO). It’s one of those films that is a classic, a true classic. Not a blockbuster, not an event movie, but a classic. A film that is held up as an example of what the medium could be if the effort is made. I too am dubious about the sequel, but the fact that it’s Ridley at the helm and it’s still very much his baby reassures me somewhat. I just hope he doesn’t go overboard with the CGI, the realism of the first film came mostly from the fact that it was filmed with real physical sets and models.

  2. Prometheus will hold a lot of clues as to what we might see in terms of CGI and effects, but I’m less concerned about those. It’s the story that concerns me; and that it might be a dreadful ensemble piece like Black Hawk Down.

    Oh, and congrats on posting our first ever comment!

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