Structural Terraform For Perpetuum

In just over a week stompy robot MMOG Perpetuum Online (referred to understandably if somewhat unfairly as Eve Online with mechs) will be receiving what the developers are calling its biggest expansion to date. It’s called Gamma Frontier and it sounds to me (a life-long Eve observer) like the game is about to receive it’s Exodus. In other words player-owned structures are coming to the game, only they’re to be called Modular Private Colonies.

Perpetuum’s new buildings won’t just be places for titanic metal toes to be warmed on cold days. Bases will be manufacturing centres and refitting stations, of course, but also hubs for controlling territory across 24 new “gamma” islands that are being formed. The reason for creating the new landmasses is that players will be able to tweak the landscape before putting down foundations and it was felt that being able to terraform the current regions might do ungainly things to the established hard-coded urban settlements. Seems fair enough.

Having not played Perpetuum since it was released, I have to say this new feature almost has me intrigued enough to want to try it the game out again. Are there any Perpetuum fans out there reading this that can offer a little insight, is this the robot game’s Exodus?


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