For The People Who Are Still Alive

Adam Solo of Space Sector has been keeping an eye on all the sci-fi Kickstarter projects that have been appearing on the crowd-funding site, one of which, “P86R” (aka Portal (1986) Reborn), sounds so intriguing I thought I’d delve a bit deeper.

In case you we’re wondering – and you were, be honest – it has nothing to do with Valve’s first-person physics puzzler, but is in fact to be based on Portal, a “computer novel” that was released for the C64 back in 1986. It told the story of a young astronaut who returns to Earth after a 100-year mission to find that humans have entirely disappeared, not so much been wiped out as wiped away, presumably to somewhere else. With the discovery of a child prodigy named Peter Devore and the help of a an AI called Homer, the aim was to uncover the mystery of humanity’s bizarre non-existence.

No, I’d never heard of it either, but I wish I had. Sounds right up my street.

The author of the original tale, Rob Swigart, is fully on board, with a small pre-production team currently keeping things ticking over. Once funding is secured  ($530,000), specialist outsourcing studio Virtuos will get on the case with creating a fully-3D adventure game where the players will get to experience locations in a simulated past that revolves around Peter Devore’s “dystopian “managed-world’ – where everyone is monitored, even sweat output is tabulated, and education is pre-programmed.”

Funding still has a long way to go and there remain 40 days to pull in half a million dollars, which to me seems like a tall order. Stranger things have happened of course, and we wish the team well. Assuming they make it, I’m  sure they’ll be having a delicious and moist celebration cake.


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