Bungie’s Secret Dates With Destiny

Courtesy of the LA Times (spotted via Eurogamer) comes a tide of contractual revelations about what Bungie has been planning since the Halo developer left the bosom of Microsoft to snuggle up to the teat of Activision. The information is in the public domain as a consequence of some ongoing Call of Duty legal meanderings, but we won’t dwell on those. Instead let’s see what we can expect from Bungie (and no doubt also an as-yet unnamed third-party developer) from now until deep into the next console life cycle.

It would appear four action shooters games are planned, the first next autumn for Xbox 360 and it’s successor, with sequels in 2015, 2017 and 2019 – all to be followed by downloadable expansions (third-party?) and all eight releases set within a new sci-fantasy realm that obviously has no bearing on any courtroom shenanigans else we would know more about it. Beyond the project name “Destiny”, there’s not much else to tell apart from how many millions of dollars will be changing hands for reaching this milestone, or achieving that aggregate review score. The usual seedy stuff, basically.

It’s worth pointing out that the contract between Bungie and Activision was drawn up in 2010 and has no doubt been amended since to great cost to both parties.

Oh, Bungie also appear to have a skeleton team working on a new Marathon game. If you’re not familiar with Bungie’s pre-Halo FPS trilogy, Aleph One is about the best way to get up to speed.


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