XCITED: Enemy Unknown Due October

Earlier today we found out that 2K Games’ reboot of the classic XCOM strategy game is to be released on the 9th (US) and 12th (UK) October for PC, Xbox 360 and PC. That’s in less than five months for a game we barely knew existed at the start of the year. We’re very excited.

Watch these two videos. If you don’t get excited too, regardless of whether you were a fan/alive when the original came out, you’re dead inside. Oh sure, we’re bound to be a little disappointed when XCOM does get released, but that’s no reason not to get carried away in the moment. We are human, after all.

As an aside, the XCOM first-person shooter that we all thought would be out first won’t be arriving until the next financial year – April 2013 at the earliest.


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