First Encounters With Darkdawn

As we’ve said before and as we’ll no doubt say again, there’s nothing we like more than spaceships clashing in the void, hopefully with a fine commander at the helm and a loyal crew manning the tactical station. Aiming to offer precisely those features (perhaps without the crew – and you’ll have to be your own captain, of course) is Darkdawn: Encounters, due on Android devices this summer and, all being well, to be followed by an App Store version soon after.

Reminiscent of the much-loved Starfleet Command games, Darkdawn is all about getting your ship in the optimum position to project the right amount of firepower at the enemy, all while making sure your shields aren’t about to melt away from the return fire.

While there will be a loose series of missions to play through and a number of ships to unlock, the game is purely meant as a tactical combat simulation. As basic as that might sound, I can’t think of too many games like it that are currently available for the Googletab, and this one does offer a clean-looking interface and some very tidy graphics.

The developer of Darkdawn, Leonardo Ceballos, has plenty of ambition; hoping to one day build on Encounters with a sequel inspired as much by the classic Starflight as by Star Trek combat:

“I’ve long wondered how I’d go about modernizing Starflight, and one of the big questions was how to do a battle system. The old one was essentially button mashing, and not really the highlight of the game. This [Encounters] is my first step towards answering that problem. I don’t know that the next step will be a full-on, open Starflight-type world. For a sequel I would very much like to add more context and story to the game; I have literally thousands of years of history mapped out in the Darkdawn universe and I’d like more of that to show through.”

To which we say: Make it so!


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