About the magazine

PlaySF is a digital magazine devoted entirely to science fiction gaming. If a game is set in space, or a planet far from Earth, we aim to cover it. If it’s set on a future Earth ravaged by atomic war and murderous mutants, we will make a report. We might even lower ourselves to cover the odd superhero game from time to time, but what we will not do is allow wizards, goblins or sword- wielding paladins any kind of foothold across our virtually inked pages – unless they happen to have access to laser-based weaponry. After all, hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster.

PlaySF is as much for fans of X-Wing as for those looking forward to the future of Star Wars as it reaches back to The Old Republic. The once all-conquering space combat genre that dominated the 90s will be celebrated as if it never went away, while we’ll be looking forever forward to blockbusters like Mass Effect 3, Aliens and new Warhammer 40K games. Meanwhile, our scopes will constantly sweep for indie treasures locked away in gaming’s hidden asteroid fields. The more great games we find, the more we can tell our readers about. No game – whether big or small – should be lost in the void.