Issue 01

Apr/May 2012 – 104 pages – available from as a single issue for $2.95, or as part of a six-issue subscription for $14.95.

After eight years of galactic war the sun has set on Star Wars Galaxies. Taking in the fading light of its final hours, we look back on a game that never really lived up to expectations. Meanwhile new hopes are pinned on the recently launched Old Republic. Will it fare better? We aim to find out.

Continuing the Star Wars theme, the tarps are pulled off from X-Wing to see if it still flies (spoiler: it does). Meanwhile, in various galaxies far, far away, we prepare for Mass Effect 3 by playing the first in the trilogy, explore Star Ruler‘s ever-expanding and updated universe, sheath Sword of the Stars II in favour of its predecessor and see if Halo Anniversary is worth celebrating.As well as in-depth looks at X3: Albion RebirthAliens: Infestation and Space Pirates and Zombies, there are interviews with the devs behind Miner Wars and soon-to-be smartphone sensation Star Command. Meanwhile, PlaySF’s inter-dimensional explorer follows in the wake of legendary Wing Commander Christopher Blair.


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